In response to this challenging and very uncertain time we live in, we are fully committed on ensuring the safety of our guests, employees and suppliers. In this sense, we changed our routines and implemented a set of recommended safety measures that made us elegible for the "Clean and Safe" certification. Awarded by the Portuguese Tourism Board, this certification recognizes all companies that ensure compliance with the necessary requirements for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus, established by the Directorate-General for Health.


1. We have reduced the capacity of the hotel to ensure a reduction in the number of people in the common areas;

2. In the restaurant, we have reduced the number of tables, in order to meet the mandatory distances, and have limited the maximum number of people per table. A thorough cleaning at each table turn over is also carried out.

4. The check-in and check-out procedures have been streamlined and there is a Security Kit available for all guests at the reception;

5. We have trained our entire team on the virus, ways of transmission, preventive measures and information on the identification of symptoms and referral to the NHS;

6. The temperature of all employees is measured when they arrive;

7. Containers with manual disinfectant to be used by staff and guests were placed at strategic points;

8. The daily hand hygiene of all employees (30-second washes or use of disinfectant) is registered every hour. Plus, the use of masks by the staff is mandatory;

9. Cleaning and disinfection every 2 hours of public areas, such as public toilets, counters, handrails, door handles, lifts, among others;

9. The hygiene measures were reinforced, with intensification of disinfectants, in all common areas of the hotel and with the regular disinfection of the surfaces of the common areas (lift, buttons, door handles, stair handrails);

10. Regular washing and disinfection of the Spa and Pool areas;

11. To guarantee that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned, reservations are made with a considerable time-based spacing between them.